Telegram Open Network supports up to 4.2 billions of different coins

News     by thomasyoung

In its Whitepaper, TON suggest that it is able to support 2^32(about 4.2 billions) of different "cryptocurrencies", "coins", or "tokens", distinguished by a 32-bit currency_id. Each workchain has a basic cryptocurrency, and can have several additional cryptocurrencies.

There is one special cryptocurrency with currency_id = 0, namely, the TON coin. It is the basic cryptocurrency of Workchain Zero. It is also used for transaction fees and validator stakes.

In principle, other workchains may collect transaction fees in other tokens. However, some smart contract for automated conversion of these transaction fees into Grams should be provided.

Makes ethereum look pathetic by comparison, huh?!

TON could be launching at just the right time, after this current slump in crypto, people could be looking at a new type of blockchain and currency by the time grams launch publicly (although with expected slippage of schedules as per norm, probably summer 2019 most likely imo)